6 Innovations Disrupting the MarTech Industry

The marketing technology vertical is innovating faster than ever. More than half of marketers think the marketing technology landscape is evolving faster than their companies’ adoption of the technology.

In fact, companies are adopting more and more of these technologies to fill the shifting needs of their growing businesses. Forbes says that the average company now uses approximately 16 MarTech platforms on a regular basis.

In response to this Forbes article, here are 6 innovations that are disrupting the marketing technology industry:

Custom APIs

Custom APIs are meant to bridge the gap between your systems and enable a free flow of data between them. This makes it easy for your marketing and sales teams to make accurate decisions and have informed conversations. When your data is not in silos, your company can move much faster in all aspects of the business.

Modern marketing automation

This goes beyond simple email marketing. A true “modern” marketing automation platform lets teams automate the entire customer experience across all channels, using both behavioral and demographic data. The result? A powerful, fully personalized digital experience for each customer and prospect.

Tracking user behavior

Understanding your audience is the key to creating the tailored experiences I mentioned in the last section. Marketing technology should not only help you gather data on your contacts, but it should also tell you how each contact is behaving based on the messages you sent them. It’s one thing to personalize campaigns based on field values and demographic data you’ve collected, but using behavioral data takes your personalization capabilities to the next level.

Data analysis

To be truly effective, marketing technology needs to help teams gather and analyze their contact data. It’s not enough to simply create these detailed experiences without properly measuring the results. You need to be able to generate detailed reports with multiple levels of filtering to get the most out of your data and optimize campaigns with any real accuracy.

Account-based marketing capabilities

Target accounts for sales teams have existed for a while, but marketing has recently made a big shift to support this trend. The marketing technology developed 10 years ago was not made to target individual accounts. It was created to nurture and automate communications for large groups of contacts. Today’s marketing technology has to be flexible enough to support both approaches, as business targets today usually include a mix of accounts, verticals and larger lists of contacts.


Many of the incumbent technologies require a PHD in marketing automation to operate the system. You have to go through detailed certification and training programs just to become functional in the platform. Modern technology should be easy to learn for all members of the marketing team. This eliminates the bottlenecks associated with routing all campaigns through one person and lets teams make important changes on the fly.

With all these innovations, it’s still up to humans to make the most out of their technology. Tech gives you the tools, but the concepts and best practices are learned through trying and optimizing your marketing efforts. To start your journey towards a fully personalized digital experience for your audience, read our new personalization eBook.

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