Introducing Mautic Cloud Free & Pro

As the leading open source marketing automation solution, Mautic’s engineering team — and our vibrant open source community — have spent the past several months adding great new features, flows and integrations. And today, we’re announcing some new enhancements to our Mautic Cloud Free product, and an all-new Mautic Cloud Pro product.

Mautic Cloud Pro

With Mautic Cloud Pro, you’ll have access to the fully hosted solution that has caught the attention of marketers around the world. Starting today, we enable you to provide more personalized marketing to your customers; greater results for your company; and more time freed up for you.

There are truly no limits to what you can accomplish with Mautic Cloud Pro. Here are just a handful of the many features you’ll have at your fingertips;

  • Includes all new features & flows via automatic updates
  • Includes dozens of integrations to 3rd party tools across the marketing stack
  • Multi-channel campaigns, including SMS
  • Custom domain for your brand
  • Unlimited records managed
  • Unlimited user segments
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Optimized performance and monitoring for your marketing
  • Personalized white glove on-boarding & hands-on training for your team
  • Phone & email support with enterprise-grade SLAs
Pricing & Availability

The cost of Mautic Cloud Pro starts as low as a few hundred dollars per month — much lower than comparable tools for mid-market or enterprise companies. The features found in this solution are simply unmatched. For more details about Mautic Cloud Pro, you can check it out for yourself, or feel free to contact our team to discuss. We’re happy to provide a live demo, answer any questions, and tailor a package to your specific needs and budget.

Changes to Mautic Cloud Free

If you’re an existing Mautic Cloud Free user, then there’s even more exciting news. You’ll be the beneficiary of new capabilities to your free account — those we’ve added recently, and more features to come in the future. Along with these new benefits, starting today, you’ll be permitted up to 5,000 records and be able to send as many as 1,000 emails per day!

This will enable you to grow your business and your marketing efforts — and allow even more headroom to grow into a solution that offers long-term scale for your marketing operations. Talk about an upgrade!

Learn more about Mautic Cloud Pro, as well as other products offered by Mautic. And as always, if you’re a company interested in Mautic products, feel free to drop us a note.

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