It’s Bracket Time – How Deep Can Mautic Go?

Are you ready? It’s bracket time! But instead of March Madness, this is BostInno’s annual Tech Madness a bracket-style competition to help celebrate Boston-area tech companies. 64 companies have been named finalists, and Mautic is proud to be one of them. Mautic is matched up against LevelUp – a great Boston-based company that’s all about mobile payment and restaurant loyalty. These guys have been around longer than us and are pretty well known in the community, as evidenced by their higher seed (#3 compared to Mautic’s #14). But Mautic is embracing the role of underdog, and we’re ready to deliver a big first-round upset! If you want to skip to the part where you can vote for us, click here.

BostInno has put some rigor into their bracket choices and seeding methodology, and if you’re interested in the details, you can read all about it here. But at the end of the day, what you really need to know is that this is a fun, friendly competition designed to help raise awareness for some up-and-coming companies.

This year, people are being asked to cast their vote based on one simple question: Who would you invest in? According to BostInno, “this can be for anything from potential ROI, to a concept you love, or a company you’d just like to see succeed.”

Here are 3 reasons why Mautic deserves your vote:

  • We’re the open marketing cloud. In a space full of closed, restrictive, and exclusionary legacy tools, Mautic is open, flexible, and inclusive. These aren’t hollow adjectives – our open philosophy allows us to provide some very powerful advantages to our customers, like going beyond simply integrating with 3rd-party tools you’ve bought to enable integration with the proprietary, brand-differentiating tools that you’ve built.
  • We don’t just offer a free trial, we offer a free version. We believe in enabling great marketing, so we have a free version of Mautic that’s available for anyone to start using right now. It’s totally, completely and permanently free. Forever. The other guys don’t have a free version, let alone a free trial. Heck, they don’t even offer paid trials. I wonder why that is…
  • We fixed a decade-old problem. When you have important news or time-sensitive offers, you want to reach your entire audience as fast as possible, right? With other marketing automation and dedicated email tools, this is a big problem that they haven’t fixed, and it can take 5-7 hours or more to finish sending 1 million emails. Mautic sends 1 million emails in 10 minutes and we do this for dozens of customers at the same time.

Are you as excited as we are? This is the 2nd greatest March tournament in all the land. If you want to help us celebrate (and advance!), follow these easy and, dare I say, fun steps:

  1. Put your pointer finger in the air and hold it up high. 
  2. Say “Mautic’s number 1! Yeah! Woohoo!”
  3. Now put that finger down on your mouse, click here and vote your pants off for Mautic! (Vote once per day. Round 1 voting ends Saturday, March 25.)

Look who’s Number 1 now?! It’s you! Have an awesome day.

Mautic at BostInno Tech Madness Party

  1. After a couple of delays due to big snowstorms, Tech Madness officially launched on Tuesday with a kickoff party at Game On near Fenway Park.
  2. Party-goers were treated to some delicious food and a surprise musical guest – the infamous and elusive Keytar Bear!
  3. In Round 1, Mautic is facing off against LevelUp. It’s a matchup ripe for an upset, as Mautic has the #14 seed compared to LevelUp’s #3.

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