Learnings From My First Week at Mautic

Hello! This is Marnie – I’m the Marketing Programs Manager here at Mautic and I’ve just wrapped up my first full week in my new role. As I start to absorb the platform, I want to share my onboarding experience because I am learning a new tool, just like any of our customers would. The goal in sharing my exploration and onboarding is to provide useful information about what transitioning looks like, unique benefits of the platform, and areas for improvement.

My career background is in Marketing Operations, specifically Email Marketing. I have worked with six different marketing automation platforms – some have been robust and reputable, some adequate but lesser known, and some you couldn’t even find with a Google search. Therefore, drawing comparisons and highlighting features will come naturally.

I started my approach to learning Mautic from an Email Operations perspective – I considered the tasks I had in past roles. How can I use Mautic to execute strategies, automate processes, keep the database clean, and deliver dynamic, personalized campaigns. For any person working in Email Marketing, there are a few basic components to cover when exploring a new tool. I was happy to easily find the following documentation for each topic.

Data Collection – how a record enters my lists?

Data Segmentation – how can I filter and identify records differently in the system?

Email Building – what tools are available for building – html editor, WYSISYG, preview capabilities?

Reporting – can I customize my results?

Deliverability Resources – How are bounces handled and what is available for database health?

Dedicated Domain – what is being used and how much ramp up?

Integrations – How can this tool talk to our other tools – websites, CRM, etc…?

Instinctively, I start to draw comparisons with past tools – Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Responsys, Unica – to gauge Mautic’s capabilities and understand any limitations. How can Mautic work for me? How can I stretch and pull it to adapt to the business needs of my marketing team? How much stretching and pulling is even necessary?

A few powerful features

Right away, I felt I could stand alone as a marketing team of one without needing other operations or development teams to execute projects.

Landing Pages allow me to publish content directly from the tool.

Forms allow me to create custom fields to gather information that might be missing for records or something new I wish to start gathering.

The Segments function can update records in real time based on customer behavior. No need to wait for daily feeds or files to import to get accurate and up to date data!

Dynamic Content allows me to insert and swap personalized information depending on the contact record without needing to learn a new scripting language.

Ultimately, Mautic allowed me to feel unrestricted in what I can accomplish with marketing automation in its intended form – automatic actions and real-time reactions to customer behavior. I anticipate spending less time setting up a program and more time gauging results and mapping journeys.

Room for Updates

First, I know I’ll need to be more strategic in using the Segments feature, which I can absolutely do because segmentation is incredibly strong and versatile in Mautic.

Email preview/test function – I’m used to providing my internal stakeholders with all versions of dynamic content or personalization showing in emails. However, with Mautic’s email preview, there are different steps I need to take. A test/preview will default to the column name, like [First Name], instead of providing the actual dynamic content. Although I as the creator of the email know its working, assuring sure my stakeholders that its working requires different steps. I plan to email them proofs directly and make a clone of my final version for deployment. Steps for this are found here. Even though my approach is now different, this task can still be accomplished.

Additionally, I can’t use IF/ELSE functions or conditional statements to write logic in the email builder. Instead of defining personalization rules in the code, I need to use the Dynamic Content function to add variants. These functions produce the same results, but each rule needs to be set up and defined. I found this tutorial helpful.

The only other thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to create data relationships (a.k.a. relational tables). This is beneficial if you have more than one table or list holding information. For example, a customer’s communications preferences obtained through checkboxes on a form, or past purchases they made. One record could have multiple values, but the only way to house this data is through a piped column ( | ). Sending out a confirmation or transactional email including all values is difficult because there is no scripting language to differentiate the data. This is something only a few email service providers have today, and, even then, it requires your marketing team to either possess scripting knowledge or have access to a resource who can help. I have been told there is a function coming soon that will address these needs. I hope to have more to share on that soon!

Areas I’m Still Learning

Focus Items are a totally new marketing automation feature to me and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. From what I’ve seen so far, this feature is truly a “hidden gem” with a long list of data collection and content promotion possibilities. Focus Items can help to limit the amount of development resources needed to perform valuable marketing initiatives. Some examples include webinar invite popups, new eBook announcements, exclusive coupon codes, breaking news, email list sign up prompts, and many more! Make sure to watch the video on the Mautic help page.

Social Monitoring is a feature built into Mautic. In other platforms, I would need to pay extra for this feature (if it existed at all), otherwise I’d need help from engineering or development to create a custom social listening tool. I am excited to see what kind of capabilities it has and how to implement a strategy around it.

A few helpful links and docs to get started

Request a demo
Get a Free Mautic Sandbox for 1 Week
Get started
Glossary of terms

The Help Section has a lot of documentation including step-by-step guides and instructional videos, and is easy to navigate. I found searching my topics using the search text box on the right side worked well to find the specific information I needed.

Please continue to check in on more Mautic learnings and discovery. As I continue to become a Mautic power-user, I want to share findings, product updates, new feature rollouts, and the best ways to utilize the platform to deliver strategic and impactful marketing automation.

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