How Agencies Can Leverage Their Highest Performing Campaigns Across Clients

As an agency, you always want to drive the best possible results for your clients. If there’s a new industry best practice, you implement it. If there’s a cutting-edge technique for getting more clicks on your posts or emails, you put it into practice. And if one of your clients is running a successful campaign, you want to leverage that for your other clients as well.

For agencies, time is a major constraint. Even if you can quickly identify a campaign from one client that should be implemented for another, it can take hours (and even days) to toggle between your clients’ marketing automation accounts and rebuild that campaign. Not anymore.

Copy campaigns from one account to another

Agencies need a way to compare and replicate their high-performing campaigns across all the marketing automation accounts they manage. If agencies don’t have an effective way to look at all of their data, it can be really challenging to compare campaign results, draw actionable conclusions, and put them into practice.

Enter: Maestro.

Maestro Dashboard

Maestro is the first and only solution that lets agencies manage multiple Mautic Marketing Automation accounts in a single dashboard. Now, agencies can have rolled-up reporting that lets teams compare campaign results at a high-level. Then in just a few clicks, teams can copy their highest performing campaigns across accounts to get the best results for all clients.

Launch complex campaigns faster

Putting on your marketing operations hat, it’s undeniably important to identify which campaigns are working best so you can leverage their success for other clients. Campaigns today are often complicated to build and require multiple checks and balances before launching. Each time you build a successful campaign for a client, you can use that campaign to drive results across the rest of your portfolio.

Note: When you’re launching complex campaigns, it’s important to follow thorough QA processes to ensure that the campaign works as expected. Non-linear, more detailed campaigns can take days, or even weeks to properly launch! This speed does not work for agencies who have growing workloads and consistent deadlines.

In the immediate world we live in today, it takes far too long for agencies to toggle between marketing automation accounts and rebuild what’s working for each relevant client. Agencies need an easy way to replicate campaigns from one account to another or they risk falling behind their competitors.

For more information on Maestro for Agencies, click here.

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