Introducing Maestro for Managing Mautic Accounts

It’s official. We just announced the addition of Maestro Marketing Management to our product portfolio and it’s a game changer for businesses looking to scale their marketing operations.

Maestro is the first and only solution for agencies and enterprises to manage multiple Mautic Marketing Automation accounts. The agency version was designed specifically to help agencies report on their impact and prove ROI.

But what does this mean? What benefits can it bring to your business?

Empower every group, team or client with their own Mautic account

One account is not always enough. Sometimes companies and agencies need multiple. Maybe each business unit has a Mautic account, or each client has their own Mautic instance. Either way, Maestro unifies all of these accounts in a single dashboard.

Now, each team can work in a separate marketing automation environment without having to sacrifice reporting or a full understanding of engagement and results across the business.

For agencies, this means being able to easily gather campaign performance data across your entire portfolio and leverage best practices and optimize campaigns. Enterprises with multiple teams, business units, or revenue streams can benefit from the same principle: full visibility into all marketing automation activities to better understand where marketing is making an impact.

Campaign Replication Across Accounts

Typically, marketing automation reporting is limited to each account and there isn’t an easy way to understand every campaign’s impact to the business. With Maestro, companies and agencies have a singular view of all important metrics from each of their Mautic accounts, making it easy to identify and clone successful campaigns into other accounts.

Maestro also makes it very easy to implement a Mautic sandbox where you can test new campaigns outside your live account. With the campaign replication feature in Maestro, in just a few clicks you can copy your test campaigns into your production account when they’re ready to go live.

Want to learn more about how Maestro can help you scale your marketing operations? Let us know here and our team will reach out shortly!

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