Marketing Automation: Extending Your Sales Team’s Efforts

For a sales rep, converting a list of cold leads to new business opportunities takes a ton of time and effort. Being a sales rep myself, there is nothing more frustrating or distracting than getting stuck doing unnecessary research, manually personalizing emails or calling bad leads.

While persistence is a fundamental characteristic for anybody in sales, technology can always help us work smarter, expend less calories and generate even more pipeline from our given territory. This is where marketing automation comes into play.

Personalize Your Emails Automatically

A marketing automation platform has the capability to personalize and automate your emails, increasing the likelihood of engaging your leads before you reach out.

Maybe you automate the first touch email after the “Book a Demo” form is filled out, thanking them for their interest in your company and asking them for a few times that are convenient for them to meet. Marketing automation can send this email directly from a sales rep, and have all responses to that email go to the same rep.

This frees up time for you to prospect, send other emails, make more calls or do additional research.

Ask for Helpful Information

Within those automated emails, marketers can create custom landing pages with forms asking qualifying questions like:

  • “Are you looking for a solution today?”
  • “What is your industry?” – or –  
  • “Is [X or Y] an immediate initiative for your company?”

Once this information is filled out, it would immediately populate in your CRM for the sales team to see. Now when it’s time for sales to reach out, your pitch can be much stronger and tailored to that prospect’s specific needs.

Use Contact History to Build Rapport

Marketing automation can also track and show you a lead’s history (i.e. whether they downloaded an eBook, attended a webinar or visited the pricing page on your website). Calling a cold lead and trying to ‘shoot in the dark’ for their interests or pain points can backfire. Knowing pertinent details on any given lead is a game-changer when going into a sales conversation.

If you can see what web pages they’ve visited recently or which product pages they have been to within the past week, you have a much better shot of relating to that person. Use the contact history in your marketing automation system to steer your conversation in the directions that are most relevant to your prospect.

Lead Scoring Indicates Readiness to Buy

One step further, a lead scoring feature is able to rank those leads by level of engagement. Knowing a particular lead score is another way for a sales rep to prioritize their outreach and increase the chance of conversion.

When thinking big picture, marketing automation isn’t just the core engine that fuels the ‘go-to-market’ strategy for any serious marketing team. It can be an extension of your sales team’s knowledge when going into any conversation. As shown above, a solution like this would have a direct impact on the day-to-day of a sales team and can be a springboard to generating higher quality pipeline. As a growing business looking to scale on all cylinders, it’s important to leverage a marketing automation solution to hit the ground running today.

For more information on a modern marketing automation solution that can boost your lead quality and increase conversions, schedule a conversation with a Mautic product specialist.

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