Voted Best Marketing Automation Suite

CMS Critic has revealed their 2017 Award winners. We are thrilled that Mautic has been voted as this year’s People’s Choice for Best Marketing Automation Suite! We’re still relatively new to the MarTech landscape, so we were honored to learn that we had been considered for the award. But thanks to the loyalty and passion of our customers, community, and fans we’ve been voted #1!

How We Got Here

The Mautic project started about 3 years ago with the idea that there has to be a better way to do marketing automation. Up until now, marketing automation has been mostly email for websites. It was the first generation of going from nothing to something – a way to automate emails (which was good enough for what it was built for).

So much has changed in marketing over the last decade – the way we buy technology, the way we engage with customers, the emergence of mobile-first, the consumerization of IT, the list goes on — all of which impacts our daily lives. Digital has changed marketing forever, and has sparked a rapid evolution of how we do business. The undeniable fact is that marketing automation solutions have not kept pace.

Mautic is Different

We are helping marketing teams bring marketing automation back to the center of their stack.  Mautic gives them the power to create a personalized experience for their audience across all their digital properties and channels. It is open, flexible, has been built with the modern marketer in mind.

The need for marketing automation is not going away anytime soon. In fact with all the data we’re all collecting to better understand our audience, you could easily argue the need is only heightening. Marketers who learn how to take that information, make it actionable and personalize communications by channel and interest will rise above. We are here and ready to help you ride that wave of success!

Thank You

We are so proud to accept this new honor. Thank you to everyone who voted Best Marketing Automation Suite and for encouraging us to keep doing what we do best.

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