Grow and Enrich Your Mautic Database with the Oktopost Integration.

If you are like us, you have aggressive social media marketing goals. At Mautic, we rely on our social channels to help us amplify messages, raise awareness, and drive meaningful engagement. Of course it’s great to reach a broad audience and get likes and shares, but we also need social to help us build our database of qualified prospects. We’ve found Oktopost to be the perfect solution to help us reach our social media goals. It’s easy to learn and use but it’s also very powerful and offers advanced features that give us valuable insight into conversions.

We like Oktopost so much, we built an integration to help Mautic users monitor and report on contacts who are interacting with their social media posts. It allows social conversion data to flow through at the contact level. This means you can see the exact channel, campaign, and content that converted your contacts.

Here’s an example of how social conversion data appears on a Mautic record via the Oktopost integration:

oktopost in Mautic

Pro tip: To give myself a quick view, I create segments based on “UTM Campaign” parameters. The best part about the integration is that it provides more than just visibility into what our leads are interested in, it gives me actionable data that I can use to trigger automated nurture campaigns and/or share with my sales or customer success teams to take action on.

Here’s a look at the incredibly simple segment filter I use to build a quick list based on a given social campaign:

oktopost in Mautic

This sample segment is built to show me all contacts that engaged with any social content through Oktopost. But the real power is being able to drill deeper into specific campaigns, channels, and content to grab the precise conversions. If you post a link to a downloadable whitepaper, webinar registration, or even just a blog post, you can grab the contact records that converted via those posts and view them directly in Mautic.

While there are certainly some great reporting features within Oktopost itself, the ability to use social engagement data to trigger automated multichannel marketing campaigns is a unique and valuable advantage. This Oktopost integration is another great example of how Mautic’s open API helps you view and take action on your most valuable marketing data. Being aligned across channels and platforms is crucial for understanding your efforts and measuring success.

Are you using Mautic and want to learn how to set up the Oktopost integration? Learn how to do it here.


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