New Ways For Companies To Test Drive Mautic Cloud Pro

We’re constantly testing, tuning and figuring out what works best. What offering produces the greatest value for customers and partners? What creates the best experience for prospects? As an example, the Mautic team spent the past several months analyzing which product packages would best enable marketing professionals to evaluate how well Mautic fits their company’s needs, processes and technologies.

Our first idea was a freemium package called Mautic Cloud Free, which was certainly popular (tens of thousands of sign-ups in 2017-18). But as we learned, this package was not the ideal experience to help companies put our platform through its paces. There were multiple reasons for this disconnect, including:

  • Marketing automation is a departmental decision for a broad, integrated platform that may also touch Sales, Product and/or IT. Conversely, freemium models tend to work better for point solutions that are more of an individual decision.
  • Our prospects wanted to see how an instance of Mautic looked and performed when it was already loaded with relevant sample contacts, content and campaigns.
  • And after that, some larger firms wanted a full-blown, fully supported trial or pilot period, which no top-tier marketing automation platform offers… until now.

So we’ve officially replaced Mautic Cloud Free with new packages that enable companies to evaluate our platform more quickly and effectively:

  • A pre-populated Sandbox of Mautic Cloud Pro – this type of account is free and comes pre-loaded with sample contacts, segments, emails and landing pages. The Mautic Sandbox also includes sample campaigns for B2C and B2B use cases. This enables marketers to take our platform for a 7-day test drive, including uploading a few contacts of their own and sending a small number of test emails. And if one week isn’t enough time to evaluate, they can request a free extension.
  • A white-glove Free Trial of Mautic Cloud Pro – this type of account is available to companies who speak with one of our marketing automation specialists. Assuming it’s a good fit, we will provision a 100% free instance of Mautic Cloud Pro for your unlimited usage for an agreed-upon period of time. In addition, our Customer Success team will perform a full onboarding process with your marketing team, including hands-on setup, training and ongoing support – exactly like we provide for our paying customers.

We designed these two new packages to from the ground up to enable marketing professionals to evaluate Mautic Cloud for their company’s needs. And the early returns – both in our research findings as well as the number of requests in recent weeks – have been highly positive.

In addition to these two new packages, anyone can request a live demo of our platform or a tailored price quote at any time. As always, thanks for supporting the Mautic movement.

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