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I got a retail email the other day selling slip-on shoes and a lightweight jacket. Spring clothing. This was a bit early for my liking. Spring is still a month away, and as a resident of Boston, I know there’s still a lot more winter ahead.

Putting my personal feelings aside for a moment, this email was interesting and it got me thinking about how it was sent. I asked myself, “If this brand had been a Mautic customer, how might I have setup the campaign trigger?”

We’re skipping over the Marketing 101 stuff here, like the editorial calendar, copy, and layout.

We’re also skipping the Marketing 201 stuff, like segmentation and personalization.

We’re going for the equivalent of olympic gold, Marketing 301: campaign triggers.

I just passed the 4-week mark here at Mautic, and I’m learning about something that seems like a pretty big deal. In addition to integrating with tools you’ve bought, Mautic can integrate with tools you’ve built. Translation: beyond the obvious 3rd party plug-ins and integrations (e.g. Salesforce, WordPress, etc.), Mautic customers can integrate with things like their homegrown CRM, handwritten mobile applications, and proprietary e-commerce experiences (to name a few) to create seamless, truly personalized brand experiences.

By connecting multiple, data-rich systems like these, a whole world of innovative and “real life” campaign triggers become possible.

So getting back to our original question: how could this retail brand have used Mautic to help trigger their email?

Actually-Possible-Scenario #1: As a retail brand, it’s conceivable that they would have a custom weather app that tracks daily forecasts. Hooking this up to Mautic,  they could create rules mapping content decisions to temperature. They could have prepared for a couple of scenarios based on the day’s high temperature, and when we ended up with another unseasonably warm day (it was almost 50 degrees the day I got this), the Spring clothing email triggered. Had the mercury stayed in the 30s, a different email would have been sent featuring fleece-lined slippers. Mautic could have helped them include a couple of other personal touches as well, like mentioning my name in the email and making sure at least one of the products were shown to me in my color preference, green.

Actually-Possible-Scenario #2: Our example retail brand here has a tool that tracks deal and coupon sites. A new competitor coupon is identified, and through Mautic, that alert triggers some internal, automatic decisions resulting in a special discount code getting added to my email.

This is pretty cool and useful stuff that Mautic is bringing to the table. If you’re interested in speaking with one of our product experts to learn more, you know what to do.

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