Observations from B2B Marketing Exchange

We’re getting ready to start day three at the B2B Marketing Exchange event (#B2BMX). The last few days have been packed with terrific case studies, great networking, and a lot of very engaged marketers taking advantage of this opportunity to learn how to be more effective and efficient. We still have a full day ahead, but here are some observations so far.

  • Networking – Marketers truly value meeting their peers and learning about what they are doing. Even though there’s a range of novice to advanced digital marketers at the event, we all share similar struggles around things like technology, stakeholder management, ideation, and feeding the content beast. But this event has provided an intimate forum to share ideas on how to be better at what we do.
  • Technology Landscape – Not surprisingly technology and integrations have been central to many of the conversations this week. Who would have thought that marketers would spend so much time thinking about the technology that powers their world. Most of us want to just turn to our IT team and say “pick something and make it work.” But the reality is that’s not sufficient enough to help meet our rapidly evolving needs. As marketers, we have to be more savvy about what’s available and what is really the right solution that will help us drive business outcomes. Then turn to our internal team and push for change. That’s hard work!

As a marketing automation provider we have the unique position of being central to the technology landscape. We’ve some fantastic conversations at our booth to learn more about the challenges and how marketers are overcoming them. We’ll share more in a future post.

B2BMX Marketing Conference


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