Rx Marketing Group Finds “A Better Way” with Mautic

Technology is the biggest driving force behind innovation in most major industries. It has the power to help level the playing field or create greater separation between the haves and the have-nots. But as Andrew Clark knows, just having any technology isn’t the solution. While MarTech is still relatively young (compared to phones or computers or Queen Elizabeth), the pace of innovation is astounding, so a difference of even a few years between products can feel like an eternity in terms of functionality and modernity.

Andrew is a Founding Partner at Rx Marketing Group, a digital agency out of California specializing in data monetization, media buying, web development, and lead generation. When he recognized that his existing marketing tools were putting his team at risk of falling behind, he took action and led his team to becoming a Mautic Success Story. Here are just a few of our favorite moments from our recent conversation with Andrew. Click here for the full story.

Talking about the evolution of email marketing, Andrew says, “[It] hasn’t just been about better targeting and subject lines, we’ve also had to keep up with shifting algorithms impacting spam recognition, sender scores, and ultimately deliverability. It’s gotten a lot harder, especially now that [marketers] are sending more emails than ever before.”

On the “fancy” but impractical functionalities other providers wanted to show him, Andrew shared, “I’m all for bells and whistles, but fancy doesn’t drive bottom line. I was being shown features that cost more and sounded hard to learn – I knew our team and clients would never use them.”

More from Andrew on his onboarding experience with Mautic: “The process was incredibly smooth, and I’d even say enjoyable. I genuinely enjoyed talking and working with their team – from the Customer Success team all the way up to their CEO who made time to meet me in person. That meant a lot.”

Compared to their previous solution, Mautic has reduced their client setup time by 40%, and reduced their email and automation solution expense by 30%.

Read the full Rx Marketing Group Success Story here.

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