Platform Comparison: Mautic to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pt. 5

Customer education and access to resources are extremely important for Marketing Technology. Product updates happen frequently, and solution providers want to help their users stay on top of communication trends and channels. In the final part of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Comparison series, I have identified a major pain point with the SFMC tool. If you’ve missed the other four parts of this series, catch up here.

5. SFMC Customer Support to Mautic’s Customer Success

Now, to talk about what a lot of us ExactTarget users sadly miss post-acquisition. I never knew how lucky I was to have premium support for our ExactTarget account pre 2013. If I had an issue, I would call and immediately be connected with a person who could address and fix my issue.

I admit, at first, I called about issues I am too embarrassed to list here, but as I started to become more fluent with the scripting language and functions, I started to run into issues that were undocumented bugs or something that was failing on the backend. Response time was immediate, and if a representative couldn’t fix the issue right way, they would follow up throughout the day until a solution was found.

Post-acquisition, the support escalation process changed and became one of the most frustrating aspects of working with SFMC. Even with premium support, you had to either call or open a ticket. Depending on the priority level of the ticket, you get a response in a few hours that just acknowledges your ticket is open and is being assigned. The first level of support begins with a junior level support representative. They will try their hardest to make you pay for developer help to get something fixed or they will simply tell you that your problem can’t be fixed. You need to push back. I found this junior support level did not possess a working knowledge of AMPscript or SQL. I constantly had my tickets escalated to the next tier of support. Still, at this next level, they continue to try and make you pay for developer help.

There is, however, a great community of users who might be able to help if you present your problem on one of their pages. Still, when paying for the extra premium support, I found I was waiting days, even weeks for someone to help resolve an issue. The restructuring of their support is the biggest gripe I hear when attending Salesforce’s “World Tour” traveling conferences or at their Connections conference.

Mautic’s Customer Success team has a clear advantage. They provide onboarding sessions to prep each new customer and team for success right out of the gate. If there is an issue, support is fast to respond and very thorough. And because the platform is flexible and easy-to-use, there are never attempts to up-sell for developer-level support. In addition, the self-service Help Center is easy for users to navigate and offers lots of tutorials, step-by-step guides, and videos. All of this content is also available to non-customers to offer general knowledge-sharing.

To conclude…
I understand my comparison is unique to my experiences with each platform. I am confident though that an open, more flexible solution is better for a marketing team to execute short-term tactics while supporting a sustainable, long-term digital marketing strategy. Mautic is built with the user in mind, and it’s built to accommodate an omnichannel strategy without the extra development work.  

Pro Tip: Keep a running, live doc of what your business requirements are. Having this in a flexible and editable spot will allow you to constantly gauge what you need and the costs associated with it.

Think: What can I cut? What hasn’t been used in months? Who is using the tools? Is your strategy adapting based on your platform’s limitations or is your platform able to adapt and keep pace with your evolving strategy?

Good luck and happy evaluating, fellow marketers! And feel free to reach me directly at for any other questions related to this Mautic v SFMC comparison series.

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