Supporting Outbound Sales Initiatives with Mautic

Successful outbound sales campaigns require cohesive alignment between marketing and sales teams. Your sales team may be the quarterback of the initiative, but it’s important for marketing to support these efforts however it makes sense for your business.

Part of this can be accomplished with targeted marketing emails. Sending out a general marketing message starts to nurture the contacts you’re calling and gives sales a reason to continue to reach out. “Air cover” from marketing in these situations is important, and can help guide these contacts to set up a meeting with your reps.

Send personalized emails directly from your reps

A more personalized way to support outbound sales initiatives is to send out emails directly from your reps, and have all replies to that email go back to the rep. This way, the emails are more targeted and marketing teams can track bounces, replies and all interactions. With calls layered between these rep-based outbound emails, you can get a really good idea of how your message is resonating with your outbound prospects.

Open rates for these more personalized emails are also significantly higher than the average open rate of just under 25%. Emails that come directly from a person have proven to be extremely effective in driving conversions and booking meetings.

Get actionable insights from your outbound campaigns

In Mautic, you can also get full analytics around your emails to understand how they’re impacting deals and creating opportunities:

Outbound Email Stats

This reporting can tell you which device they’re accessing your email on, how effective your subject lines are, how impactful your messaging is, and more ‒ all pieces of information you wouldn’t normally be able to capture from a sales rep sending a one-off first touch.

Personalization here is the name of the game, and is a big reason for the success of these outbound efforts. Learn how you can get started with personalization today in our latest eBook.

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