An honest account about ramping up at Mautic.

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Visual design is the forefront of your brand. How are you presenting yourself to the world?

learn some design tips
October 18, 2017 / Published in Blog

33% of marketing budgets is now going to technology. This means that it’s getting exponentially more difficult to infuse the human touch i...

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ScoliSMART - a Mautic customer

ScoliSMART Earns Patient Trust With Mautic

Implementing a mature marketing approach with dynamic forms and segmented nurturing campaigns helped them move on from dead-end direct mail campaigns.

3 great lessons on brand building from renowned storyteller and former CMO Mike Troiano.

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Prioritization of leads takes significant time ‒ unless you have a sound lead scoring strategy in place. Your sales team can spend countl...

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We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king”. But the time has passed where you can create a ton of random content and expect a good r...

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Rx Marketing Group - a Mautic customer

Mautic Offers the Right Kind of Innovation

Learn how Mautic delivers best-in-class email performance to Rx Marketing Group while reducing their email and automation solution expense by 30%.

August 10, 2017 / Published in Blog

Marketing automation software isn’t just for marketers. In fact, it shouldn’t be. One of the primary benefits of using marketing technol...

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U.S. consumers are now spending more than 5 hours per day on their mobile devices. And when they’re on their smartphones, they use an aver...

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February 22, 2017 / Published in Blog

We’re getting ready to start day three at the B2B Marketing Exchange event (#B2BMX). The last few days have been packed with terrific case...

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