The Mautic Community Gains an Advocate

We’re excited to share some recent news about the partnership with and G20. We feel more emboldened than ever as we are “underscored” by a Core group that believes in what we are trying achieve. We wanted to take a few minutes to highlight the philosophies we share and the value it will bring to you.

We share a core belief: the power of community. Communities have been vital building blocks of civilization since time began. They connect us, inspire us, and propel us to do incredible things. Mautic started as, and continues to be, an open community that sees the world differently. It’s through this community that we believe horizons can be moved. We believe people are creative and will move the horizons of human potential empowered by open collaboration. As this global community of Mauticians continues to grow, we’ll continue to develop this environment into a place where businesses can grow through learning, and share in their success.

As a business, community is important because it leverages the power of the creative to bring value to your business. We believe innovation grows through the collective whole and through this collaboration new paths of communication and engagement occurs. But it goes beyond that. It also means that everyone experiences a more functional platform, better support and faster innovation.

Another common bond Mautic shares with _Underscore & G20 is our passion for marketing. We believe there is nothing more exciting than providing value to customers by meeting a need or solving a challenge. Marketing has the power to engage and connect. This community is filled with incredible entrepreneurs from around the world who want to create meaningful connections with their customers.

As a member of this community, you now join the many who share in the vision of open marketing. Our open marketing philosophy is grounded in the idea that when we leverage the power of our systems, connect them in a seamless and integrated way, we engage and delight the customer and gain valuable intelligence into the buying journey.

Finally, we share a passion for the open source community. Mautic is, and always will be open source. Open source is a core part of who Mautic is and we are pleased that both G20 and _Underscore support and share this belief.

“For the past decade, I have seen the power of open source. I’ve also seen great leaders growing new projects in the open-source community. I can say that David is one of the very best project leads and Mautic’s growing community is already proving that. Thanks to the _Underscore.VC model, I have the opportunity to give back and support him in building Mautic”

Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal (the worlds largest open source community) and Open Source Core Lead.

As you seek alternatives to engage your audience in meaningful ways, we believe these core principles will empower Mautic to help you accomplish this goal. This is why we started Mautic and this is what continues to drive us today.

So you’re in good company. We are poised to bring the Mautic community value like never before. And in doing so, give back to entrepreneurs and organizations who want to grow their business and make a difference along they way. Join us in the open marketing movement, as we transform the way businesses engage and connect with customers in truly meaningful ways.

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