Using Marketing Automation to Enable Your Sales Team

Marketing automation software isn’t just for marketers. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

One of the primary benefits of using marketing technology tools is improving conversion – getting more qualified prospects into the sales pipeline so that the sales team can close deals. Marketers use automation tools to help qualify leads before sending them to the sales team as an MQL, but too often the detailed information that earned that lead MQL status gets left out of the package.

How can the sales team take advantage of marketing automation software to ease the buying process for both new and existing prospects and clients? Here’s how you can use marketing automation software for sales enablement:

Leverage Preliminary Qualifying Information

By now, you’ve read a study or ten about how potential customers now get more than halfway through the buying process before engaging with sales. You’ve also made thousands of calls and sent thousands of emails and LinkedIn messages with no response, not knowing if the prospect took a minute to visit your website.

If the contact fills out a form, your marketing team is probably asking for a few pieces of information in exchange for whatever they want to download. Pay attention to the qualifying questions on the form. A lot of clients ask if the prospect has a solution in place today. This will tell your team who they’re up against and how to tailor the message without wasting the prospect’s time or interest.

Contact Behavior

Actions speak louder than words. As a salesperson, tracking the prospect’s behavior on your website and in your communications will give you clues about what they’re most interested in.

Has your prospect been diving deep in technical documentation, indicating a need for your product to solve a certain problem?

Does he or she click a link to content, but shy away from it when there’s a required form asking for certain information?

Is the prospect checking out pricing early and often, indicating potential interest or authority in budgeting or an immediate project?

All this information gives your team the details to help take a consultative approach – asking the right questions and framing helpful conversations.

ABM Targeting

Functional roles within a title or category differ from company to company. Breaking down what people do will help you effectively communicate different messages to different people. Understanding the behavior of all contacts at an account will give you a full view of the different possible use cases and applications of your product. Again, it’s another set of clues that will help guide your outreach and build your credibility.

Do the members of the C-Suite care about a new feature? Do they want to read how-to documentation for the product that they clicked a button to approve budget for? Or do they care more about ROI documents proving business value that you’ve demonstrated?

Use all this information to have meaningful conversations that are relevant to each buyer or influencer within the account.

Heating & Reheating Cold Opportunities

Sometimes that seemingly perfect gift of an MQL turns out to be a lump of coal – meaning you have to do extra work to heat it up.

Create a contact list for yourself of all your cold and stale leads. Then you can drop them into a drip campaign with relevant content that sends them an email every month or two. It’s an easy way to continue to warm up those prospects that just weren’t ready. Now, when the opportunity arises or budget opens up, you’ll be at the top of their inbox.

Do you put the cold leads on the warmer right now, or do nothing with them? This is your chance to create something out of opportunities you thought were lost for good.

Are you ready to hear more about how Mautic’s marketing automation can help kickstart your sales enablement strategy and build a stronger bridge between your marketing and sales teams? Let us know if you’d like a demo and we’ll reach out to you shortly to schedule a time to chat!

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