[Video] 18 Good Minutes with Our Friend Chris Penn

Chris Penn is one of those guys who is so smart it makes your brain hurt. Well, it made my brain hurt, at least. Of course, that’s the good kind of hurt – the kind that comes from yearning for more. Chris is the Co-Founder and Chief Innovator at Trust Insights (formerly BrainTrust Insights). He visited us in our headquarters recently and we had the chance to become friends on camera. It was magical. In addition to sharing a bunch of awesome marketing insights and examples, he also made some bold predictions. I just tried to keep up.

The video below captures the highlights of our conversation. We covered a range of topics, including:

  • What Chris and his team at Trust Insights do (it’s pretty impressive – check them out)
  • How to construct a better marketing stack
  • His thoughts on personalizing marketing and the customer experience
  • The applications – and implications – of AI in the marketing space and beyond (hint: machines are going to eat all of our jobs. That’s pretty much a direct quote – you’ll find it in the second half of the clip)
  • And a bunch more. Enjoy!

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