[Video] 9 Good Minutes with Our Friend Dan Slagen

Don’t you hate when you can’t make plans with friends for several weeks – or even months – because we’re all just so busy? Don’t you miss the days of walking or riding your bike over to a friend’s house, ringing their doorbell, and asking if they can play? Or better yet, skipping the front door and just walking around to the back yard to find them?

We do. Which is why we were pretty excited when our friend Dan Slagen stopped in the other day to pay us a visit. He chose the front door. And then we ambushed him with a video camera and asked if he’d do a quick interview with us (isn’t that what friends do?!). Dan is a really smart and accomplished marketing leader, so it was great to chat for a bit and get his thoughts on things like:

  • Observations and trends in the MarTech space
  • How to evaluate attending conferences/events and how to network strategically
  • Balancing the art and science of marketing
  • The importance of frequency in communicating with an audience
  • How to approach building company culture
  • And more

Dan was featured in our #CMOsecrets blog series just a few weeks ago. Be sure to check out that post when you’re done with the video. Enjoy, and have a great Friday and weekend!


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