Wilson Advertising’s Success Story Makes Us Smile

They say there’s no substitute for hard work. But Devin Meister knows better.

Devin is the Content Director at Wilson Advertising, a full service agency that supports a broad range of marketing programs for clients such as Cisco, Burton, United Way, and GE Money. He and his team are no strangers to hard work, having built a strong reputation for doing whatever it takes to meet their clients’ goals. But with the demands of modern marketing having evolved so significantly in the past couple of years, Devin saw that his team’s existing tools weren’t enough to help them keep up.

Devin lead his team through an evaluation of other marketing solutions, ultimately choosing Mautic. He recently sat down with us to share his experience as well as some results he’s seen since switching to Mautic. Here are just a few of our favorite quotes from that conversation. Click here to see the rest of the story.

“We looked at several other tools, but each one seemed to have a critical flaw – functionality, cost, complexity, etc. Mautic checked all the boxes, and we loved the open source story behind it.”

“Mautic’s open source philosophy feels right. They have a positive purpose – moving the whole community forward. For so many other tech companies, their goal is an acquisition, and they have no regard for what happens after they cash in. But Mautic has a feel of a business that wants to stick around and continue putting energy into the tool and into the industry.” 

“Projects that used to take us hours of manual effort are now being done in minutes. We would absolutely need another full-time employee to do the same amount of work that I can do myself with Mautic.”

Read Wilson Advertising’s Success Story.

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