Customer Success Story

Adeo Health Science Improves Proactive Education of Patients and Physicians with the Help of Mautic

Adeo Health Science

Adeo Health Science, a Boston based biotech company, is creating therapies that prevent food allergy development in children. Their first product, Inspired Start, is launching in August. Inspired Start is a simple kit that provides a convenient way for moms to keep up with the latest infant nutrition guidelines in a fun and familiar pouch format.

Food allergies in the US have tripled over the last 10 years, but recent clinical studies proved that consistently introducing food allergens to infants before 6 months of age reduces the risk of food allergy development by over 80% (LEAP, EAT Studies). Despite the evidence and endorsements from every major medical board (NIH, AAP, etc.), parents find it scary, inconvenient, and stressful to introduce a range of allergens regularly to their infants. This is especially true if they’re not receiving the right information from their pediatricians or if they have older, food-allergic children.

The Inspired Start product emerged from these clinical findings and the clear need for a smart, scientifically-validated approach to these updated infant nutrition guidelines. Now, parents and physicians are turning to Adeo for information about the study and Inspired Start as a solution for early introduction.

The increased interest and awareness for Adeo fueled the need for a scalable way to manage communications to their growing database of contacts. Adeo wanted to an easy way to create campaigns that are tailored to each of their specific audiences. And like any growing business, they also wanted visibility into which messages were resonating and the activities that were driving bookings. It was then that they realized that implementing Mautic’s open marketing automation platform would be integral to their business.

  • Segments and campaigns help Adeo personalize messages
  • Adeo quickly creates emails and landing pages with Mautic's simple user interface and editor
  • Mautic's flexibility helps Adeo scale their marketing effort as their business grows

Jessica Deckinger

CMO, Adeo Health Science

“Our team needs a reliable, easy-to-use marketing automation solution that helps us educate families and physicians on the data, Inspired Start as the solution, and how to gain access to it.”

Delivering Separate, Unique Messages to Physicians and Consumers

In a business like Adeo’s, their marketing team has the unique challenge of delivering content to two separate audiences with different interests and needs. An important first step in making that possible is to identify and organize critical buyer data. With Mautic, Adeo uses segmentation to coordinate the right messages to the right people.

Mautic makes it very easy for Adeo’s marketing team to create communication streams for each of their audiences. In large part, that’s because Mautic’s user interface simplifies the process of creating all the necessary components like emails and landing pages. And Mautic’s visual campaign workflow enables users to see each step and easily set up custom experiences for each of their audiences. Mautic removes the complexity of marketing automation and operations giving marketers the freedom to spend more time on higher value tasks.

Jessica added,

“I want my team to spend their time refining messages and building content that is helpful for families and physicians. We don’t have the time to be inhibited by technology. Mautic allows us to be efficient and focused on what’s important."

Growth Powered by Marketing Automation

As an early-stage, growing company Adeo moves quickly and pivots often. In order to make good decisions for their business, they need visibility into which messages and tactics are working and not working. Mautic tracks contact activity and engagement, giving Adeo some of the insights they need. Through integration to their CRM system, they are also able to see which activities result in bookings so they know where to reinvest.

With growth, especially fast growth, comes the scalability challenge. Technology is a powerful vector to help any marketing team meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business. Adeo chose Mautic to be a foundation of their marketing strategy because of its flexibility, rapid innovation and simplicity. It’s the only marketing automation solution that can adapt and power communications for their changing business.

Jessica also shared,

“As an early-stage startup, we are laser focused on growth. Marketing automation is one of our most important investments, and our partnership Mautic has proven to be an incredibly valuable asset to the team. We are easily launching campaigns, learning what’s working and iterating quickly - exactly what we needed.”

To learn more about Inspired Start, Adeo’s first product, a kit for early introduction of 8 common food allergens, please visit