Customer Success Story

Agentology Relies on Mautic to Qualify Buyers and Sellers for Real Estate Agents


Agentology is a unique inside sales platform that combines technology and service to help real estate agents connect with qualified buyers and sellers. As most real estate agents can attest to, they have little time to call every lead they receive. They want to spend their valuable time with qualified buyers and sellers, closing deals. That’s where Agentology comes in. Their platform enables their team of sales professionals to connect with cold real estate leads and turn them into warm, qualified leads for their agents.

Agentology’s business had started by focusing only on lead generation for residential real estate agents. It has recently expanded to become a full-scale outsourced inside sales team. The Agentology team still sources and nurtures leads for their agents, and now also qualifies and nurtures leads sourced by the agents. Their expanded set of offerings drove the decision to consider adding Mautic’s marketing automation to their toolbox.

Agentology was looking for a solution that, first and foremost, fits into their environment. They rely heavily on a fairly complex implementation of Salesforce as their CRM. Mautic’s open framework allows it to fit into any marketing tech stack easily, and already has a Salesforce plugin that enables bi-directional sync between the systems. Mautic not only met Agentology’s immediate integration needs, but it also has the flexibility to adapt as their needs change.

  • Integration with Salesforce provides a full picture Agentology's customer lifecycle
  • Automating email campaigns has helped them establish a consistent voice and brand
  • Activity tracking and reporting lets Agentology see what's working and iterate quickly

Kelsey Green

Director of Marketing

“We are in the business of lead nurturing. Marketing automation becomes a critical ingredient for us to deliver on our promise of high quality leads to our agents.”

Lead Nurturing for Agentology and their Agents

Agentology works extremely hard to provide a high degree of value to agents as well as buyers and sellers. According to Kelsey, the business needed to do a better job maintaining a proactive relationship with each of its audiences, providing more personalized content. That starts with gaining the visibility to see the results of the efforts.

Before Mautic, Agentology had been using a combination of an email-only marketing solution and Salesforce to send communications to their different audiences. They were unable to establish a consistent voice and brand, and they had no meaningful way of measuring effectiveness.

Agentology chose Mautic to help them more accurately segment their data and build personalized campaigns for each of their audiences. Now they nurture agents with relevant information like tips on how grow their business. And they’ve created separate tracks that guide buyers and sellers through the buying lifecycle.

Mautic has also given Agentology the visibility they had been missing before. Activity tracking and reporting allows them to see which content and tactics are working and the pieces that need improvement. With Mautic, it’s simple to create new campaigns and content assets. As Agentology learns more, they can iterate more often and get better at engaging each of their audiences.

Kelsey said enthusiastically,

“I am really impressed with how easy Mautic is to use. I especially love the visualized campaign workflow. I quickly became our team’s first power user and the short learning curve made it very easy to train other members on my team.”

Partnership is a Two-Way Street

Kelsey and the team at Agentology needed a better way to build smarter campaigns, but they also wanted a business partner. Like many marketing teams, Agentology is small and agile and they rely on external resources to help them achieve their marketing goals. They chose to partner with Mautic because of the superior technology, and because they wanted to work with a team of people that is attentive and actively helps them use the tool to it’s fullest potential.

Kelsey said it best,

“When looking for marketing automation it was important that the solution worked for us. I also needed a partner that would both help my team get up and running, and provide strategic guidance to get the most from our investment. Mautic delivered exactly what I hoped for.”

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