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ScoliSMART Earns Patient Trust, Drives Lead Conversion with Mautic

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For the past 100 years, Scoliosis treatment has remained largely unchanged. Specific causes are still unknown, and traditional treatment options, including rigid braces and highly invasive surgery, carry the potential for significant consequences. Enter ScoliSMART Clinics, a network of specialized clinics offering a revolutionary approach to scoliosis care for adults and children.

ScoliSMART was founded by a group of doctors who have dedicated their careers to finding a better way to successfully treat scoliosis. After years of research and testing, they developed a system of non-invasive diagnosis, treatment, and management that demonstrates a higher success rate than traditional chiropractic treatments and physical therapies. Since launching in 2007, ScoliSMART has become the most comprehensive and effective option available, helping thousands of patients worldwide to reduce and even eliminate their scoliosis.

Robb Rich is ScoliSMART’s design and web development lead responsible for marketing. He admits that finding the best way to connect potential patients with ScoliSMART doctors hasn’t always been a simple task.

Robb Rich

Marketing Lead

“We have four clinic locations, each run by a different doctor. Beginning in 2007, we were utilizing one lead capture form on the website, and relying on email filters to deliver the contact information to the correct clinic. As things started picking up, the need for conditional delivery became necessary.”

  • Expert support and training accelerated ScoliSMART's learning and timeline to begin driving business
  • Dynamic forms and progressive profiling  help ScoliSMART optimize website lead conversion 
  • Insight-driven nurture campaigns provide ScoliSMART's patients with relevant communications and personal experience

Even after leads were captured and delivered, converting them from potential patients into actual patients still presented a challenge. ScoliSMART continued to spend their marketing budget on printing physical information packets and postage, but they weren’t seeing the return on investment that they wanted. And despite the ScoliSMART website containing a wealth of valuable information, they lacked the tools to draw leads back and track engagement, and they weren’t able to gain insights on their audience or the effectiveness of their marketing content.

attracted by mautic cloud free, empowered by mautic cloud pro

As ScoliSMART sought a new marketing tool, Robb initially hoped to find an open source platform as a means of keeping costs down. He was turned onto Mautic by a friend who was using the free, self-hosted version. After signing up for the free version himself, Robb found that the tools were very intuitive and he was quickly able to learn the basic functions and capabilities of Mautic.

But Robb didn’t want to do it all on his own, and he recognized that the expert support and training offered with the Cloud Pro version would accelerate his learning and help him start driving more business faster.

Very quickly, Robb was able to implement optimized forms on the website and get instant reports on his lead generation for each of the four clinics. Robb didn’t stop there – now he has moved ScoliSMART away from one-way, dead-end direct mail campaigns, and he has implemented a mature, sophisticated marketing approach incorporating dynamic forms and segmented nurturing campaigns.

Robb added,

“Before Mautic, our lead generation tool was a $300 form, so upgrading to the paid version was definitely an investment. But to us, there was obvious value in being able to automate initial interactions and allow our doctors to focus on patients instead of marketing. Over the course of my guided on-boarding, I started to see just how much I could do in this tool, and ultimately how much time and effort it would save.”

building trust with common sense campaigns and progressive profiling

One of the challenges of competing in the medical space is building trust and demonstrating integrity to potential patients. In addition to trying to differentiate themselves from traditional scoliosis options which often mean bracing or surgery, ScoliSMART has also needed to contend with the distrust created by scam organizations who were abusing personal information.

ScoliSMART knows that new form fills are critical to driving their patient pipeline, and they have dramatically improved the completion rate of their lead forms with the help of Mautic’s progressive profiling feature. These forms ask for less information up front, and then continue to assemble a complete view of leads and potential patients by collecting additional information over subsequent visits.

Robb shared a final point,

“Even though we only had one form on the site, we were asking for way too much, too soon – it was like we were asking someone to marry us on the first date. People were abandoning the form when they saw how much information was being requested. Something as simple as asking for a mailing address would raise flags for them. Now, we’re building a level of trust by being less intrusive up front, asking for smaller chunks of information over time, and proactively communicating with patients to get them more comfortable with the process.”

To further build trust and comfort in the process, Robb has implemented a series of segment and stage-based email nurture campaigns to help guide leads and existing patients through what can otherwise be a stressful and confusing process. With the behavioral data that Mautic captures, Robb can group leads and deliver targeted emails based on content interests. And by integrating Mautic with ScoliSMART’s internal system, Robb can similarly create and run targeted campaigns based on where patients are throughout both the consultation and treatment processes. With multiple categories of FAQs and nearly fifty videos, it can be totally overwhelming for a patient who really needs to be guided through the process.

Ultimately, Mautic has been a win both for Robb’s team and ScoliSMART’s patients. Robb is single-handedly operating a well-oiled marketing and lead-management machine, and people around the world suffering from scoliosis are getting the information, guidance, and treatment they need and deserve.

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