Customer Success Story

Wilson Advertising Gains Insights and Confidence with Mautic

Wilson Advertising

Wilson Advertising is a creative, data-driven, full-service marketing and advertising agency. Their expertise and flexibility allows them to support clients on a wide range of projects, from email campaign management to event planning to creating virtual reality experiences. To be successful in each of these capabilities, Wilson stresses the importance of starting with the same approach, saying, “Strategy isn’t just what we excel at, it’s where every great brand should start if it wants to live forever.” And when Wilson began a search for a foundational marketing platform, they found the strategic fit and partnership they were looking for in Mautic.

Devin Meister is Wilson’s Content Director, and he was tasked with finding a solution that would fit the needs of his lean, fast-paced team. Prior to Mautic, basic single-function tools were deemed “good enough” to help the Wilson team set up simple data-capture forms and send ad-hoc batch-and-blast emails to their database. But as Wilson grew, so did their need for marketing technology that could scale with them and keep up with the pace of innovation in their industry and their clients’.

Mautic Minimizes Manual Effort, Avoids Critical Flaws of Legacy Solutions

Devin’s biggest priorities included an intuitive, visual campaign creator, customizable campaign triggers and business rules, lead scoring, and consistent website tracking. That last one was particularly important as it was one of the Wilson team’s biggest pain points.

Devin Meister

Content Director

“With our previous email tool, and even Google Analytics, we really had to go digging for the data we wanted. It was too much manual effort, and we felt like we were still having to make lots of assumptions about our audience.”

  • Consistent website tracking dramatically reducing Wilson team's manual efforts
  • Ease-of-use helped Wilson learn and start executing fast
  • Open source origins instill trust and confidence in partnership

Devin led his team through an evaluation of several products. One tool seemed overly expensive and too focused on the contract terms. A different tool had Devin worried about the strain it was going to put on his team from a time and energy standpoint. And of yet another tool, Devin said, “It felt like it was designed by engineers rather than marketers – there’s not a lot of empathy for the user.”

Devin added,

"We looked at several other tools, but each one seemed to have a critical flaw – functionality, cost, complexity, etc. Mautic checked all the boxes, and we loved the open source story behind it."

The Open Marketing Cloud Provides Ease-Of-Use and Powerful Advantages

In Mautic, Wilson Advertising found a tool that was powerful, flexible, and easy-to-learn, an essential factor for a team that doesn’t have a lot of time to invest in learning another new piece of tech. Very quickly, Devin was able to get his team up and running, seamlessly integrating Mautic into their customer database and their wordpress website. He was excited to call out Mautic’s Customer Success team, saying, “They are amazing!” Thanks to the new luxury of a single, centralized source for all of their actionable customer data, Wilson’s ability to gain valuable insights on their audience and marketing content increased dramatically.

Devin shared,

“Mautic’s open source philosophy feels right. They have a positive purpose – moving the whole community forward. For so many other tech companies, their goal is acquisition, and they have no regard for what happens after they cash in. But Mautic has a feel of a business that wants to stick around and continue putting energy into the tool and into the industry.”

Today, Wilson Advertising is keeping on top of project demands and ahead of both client and internal expectations. Devin says that his team is seeing exponential savings in terms of time and efficiency compared to their previous solution. He says, “Projects that used to take us hours of manual effort are now being done in minutes. We would absolutely need another full-time employee to do the same amount of work that I can do myself with Mautic.”

Emphasizing how great it feels to be making decisions with confidence, Devin adds, “Now when we discuss leads, we can point to their interests and engagement, seeing exactly what they’ve read, what they’ve downloaded, and how often they’ve come back.” Devin asks if he can add one more thing about how the company’s President has reacted to the results. Smiling, he says, “He’s jazzed!”

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