Contact Management

Data management is foundational to every marketing team. Mautic allows you to maintain all of your marketing contacts in one place. Collect all the basic contact details, activity history, and all the custom data you need.  Contacts can be added through web forms, CRM synchronization, list imports, or when the need arises by adding contacts one at a time. No matter where they come from, Mautic will help you stay organized so you can optimize communications to each segment of your audience.

Mautic Contact Management

List Segmentation

Keep all of your marketing contacts in a single database and organize them into any customized segment, category, or tag that aligns with your marketing mission.

Consistent View of Contacts

Connect Mautic to any relevant contact management database in your technology stack and gain a complete view of your prospects and customers across the entire lifecycle.

Deliver Personalized Messages

Using demographic and behavioral data you’ve collected, you can build tailored campaigns with personalized messages to drive interest and engagement with your audience.

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