Multi-channel Communications

One of Mautic's key differentiators is the ability for users to create multi-channel communication campaigns.  Today's marketer has the challenge of reaching a more digitally sophisticated audience than ever before. The consumerized experience has taken over, and as a result marketers need the ability to deliver messages through a more diverse set of channels to engage their audience.

Mautic Multi-Channel Communication

More than just email

Automate personalized messages to your audience through multiple channels - including email, social, SMS, mobile or directly on the web - all in the same simple, visual campaign workflow tool.

Find the Channel that Works

The simple user interface allows you to iterate on content variations and delivery channels and quickly learn which channels most effectively help you reach your audience.

Improve Effectiveness

Through data collection and marketing intelligence insights you’ll know how to engage your prospects and customers through the most effective channel.

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